Author: Riyad Emeran

Garmin Forerunner 935 First Look

Yesterday I was put through my paces by world champion triathlete Lauren Steadman and Team GB triathlon coach Johnny Riall! In all honestly, I’m pretty sure they went easy on me, and the rest of the assorted media types that Garmin had rounded up. The point of the exercise – other than making my hamstring ache – was to get my paws on the brand new Garmin Forerunner 935, which will sit above the Forerunner 735 and replace the ageing Forerunner 920XT as Garmin’s flagship multisport watch. Unsurprisingly, the Forerunner 935 looks very similar to the 735, which is...

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New Balance 1260v6 Review

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes isn’t easy. Most runners will go through multiple brands and a plethora of shoes before finding the perfect match. And once you’ve found a pair of shoes that you love, you’ll probably stick with them, replacing them with the same pair, or the newer version from the same manufacturer. For the past three years or so, I’ve been running in Asics shoes – as each pair wore out, I replaced them with another pair of Asics shoes with the same characteristics. As an overpronator my choices are limited, and finding a shoe...

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TomTom Touch Review

TomTom has come a long way in just a few years. It wasn’t that long ago that people only thought of TomTom as a manufacturer of aftermarket sat-nav devices. But three years ago TomTom started to make fitness products – okay, it had manufactured the Nike+ SportWatch back in 2011, but it wasn’t until a couple of years later that the first TomTom branded running watch arrived. While the original TomTom Runner watch was a decent device, it didn’t set the world on fire, but that didn’t stop TomTom from building on that foundation and creating better and better...

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TomTom Spark Cardio + Music Review

When I reviewed the TomTom Runner Cardio last summer I declared it my favourite running watch, and it remained that way for over a year. Now, however, you won’t see my bright red Runner Cardio on my wrist when I’m running, instead you’ll see a smaller, slimmer, yet even more feature packed watch. The TomTom Spark Cardio + Music doesn’t just have an impressively long name; it’s also a great GPS sports watch that raises the bar once again. While the Runner Cardio brought wrist-based heart rate monitoring to the table, the Spark also delivers something new and welcome...

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Wahoo Fitness TICKR X Review

I like Wahoo Fitness. Wahoo doesn’t just have a great name, it also comes up with great ideas. I hate to use a phrase like “thinking outside the box” but that’s exactly what the folk at Wahoo do, regularly. While other fitness technology companies are happy to tow the line and follow in the wake of the major players, Wahoo Fitness always seems to be thinking about new and better ways to do things, and the results of that thinking are truly innovative products. The Wahoo Fitness RFLKT, for example, made using your iPhone as your cycle computer both...

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Misfit Flash Review

When the Misfit Shine appeared it made quite a splash – literally. For a start it was one of the first fitness trackers that could be used when swimming (see what I did there?), but it also tried to be a fashion accessory as well as a fitness companion. Misfit achieved that status by bringing all manner of accessories to market for the Shine, turning it into (in some cases) quite an attractive piece of jewellery. With its fashion conscious, premium positioning, many found the Shine quite expensive considering its comparative lack of features, but it was good to...

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Jawbone UP Move Review

The number of fitness trackers available has grown exponentially over the past year or so. What used to be a niche market has exploded into the wearable tech phenomenon that’s showing no sign of slowing. But despite the explosion of trackers out there, I still use a Jawbone UP24 as my daily device of choice. However, if you’ve read my UP24 review, you’ll know that it’s not the device itself that I love, it’s the supporting ecosystem that Jawbone has developed for it. The Jawbone app is best in class, and the open nature of its API means that...

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ProForm Le Tour de France Pro Review

Last summer I reviewed the ProForm Le Tour de France training bike, and although it wasn’t perfect, it showed genuine innovation. While most stationary bikes are, to be perfectly frank, incredibly boring to ride, ProForm made its TdF bike a far more engaging device, thanks to clever use of online tech. But while I was reviewing that bike last year, I was already aware that a new version was on the horizon. In fact I got a sneak peak of it at an event in London. And while the third generation TdF Pro bike has been available in the...

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TomTom Runner Cardio Review

The TomTom Runner Cardio is probably the most important development in personal heart rate monitoring since Polar started the ball rolling in 1982. Since then pretty much every sports watch has relied on a wireless sensor attached to a chest strap for heart rate measurement, but TomTom has taken that conventional rulebook and torn it to shreds. You see the TomTom Runner Cardio is a landmark product; a device that raises the bar, changes the game, and ignores the confines of conventional wisdom. Like all great innovators, TomTom looked at how things were being done and decided that there...

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Garmin Forerunner 620 Review

Garmin is on a high at the moment. The products that the GPS specialist has brought to market over the last couple of years have been, for the most part, top notch. The Garmin Edge 810 cycle computer that I reviewed last year became my partner on every ride, and was only replaced recently. And even then, it was replaced by the new Garmin Edge 1000 (full review soon), which raises the bar even higher than its predecessor. Likewise, the Garmin Forerunner 220 that Sandra reviewed back in January proved to be a commendable addition to the Garmin running...

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