Overboard Urban Safe Dry Tube 20 litre

During last year my kayaking adventures included taking a dunking in the Grand Union Canal.

I won’t regale you with the exact circumstances, but will report that I learned first hand the importance of keeping all your important gear completely dry.

I was a fan of Overboard’s kit before that incident, and use its Waterproof Waistpack constantly. The Pro-light Waterproof Backpack has also proved its worth. And I’ve found a new friend in the shape of the Overboard Urban Safe Dry Bag.

Its 20 litre capacity is just the right size to accommodate what’s needed on a day kayak – lunch, spare clothes, other odds and ends.

If you need to carry less there’s a 12 litre and even a 5 litre version, and if you need more then there are 30 litre and even 40 litre options. All those options are in the standard Dry Tube range, though. The Urban Safe branded range is just made up of 20 litre bags.

The Urban Safe series sports some pretty wild designs – here are a couple.

Overboard Urban Safe Dry Tube 20 litre designs

Mine has a rather more laid back camouflage look.

Whatever design you opt for the basic principles of using this bag are the same.

The roll top neck folds over three or four times to seal the bag – and you know when you’ve gone far enough because there’s a carry handle that sits neatly at the top of the bag when you’ve rolled to the right place.

Overboard Urban Safe Dry Tube 20 litre carry handle original

Along with the handle there’s a shoulder strap that fixes to top and bottom corners giving you another carrying option. You’ll likely want to stow the strap inside the bag when you are on the water, but it’s a good option when carrying your gear around.

The bag itself is made of a thick nylon coated PVC tarpaulin – this makes it quite heavy at 370g, but you will forgive that because it is waterproof and resilient. Mine’s been thrown about a bit and it still looks good as new. I reckon it would take quite a serious bashing for the material to rip. It is easy to wipe clean after a trip too.

Unlike some of the Overboard series there’s no transparent section for viewing what you are storing. But then that’s not really needed in a bag that’s more intended for day use than for longer term storage like backpacking.

All the Overboard dry bags are designed to float – so if yours does take a dip in the water for any reason it’ll be easy to spot and easy to retrieve.

The only addition I make to this useful sack is a little mesh bag dropped inside it to carry the smaller things I like to carry and might want to get at without rootling around too much. I might make this waterproof too – just to give a double protection layer to the really important things.

It’s difficult to criticise this range of Urban Safe Dry Bag from Overboard. They are durable, robust, easy to seal and they float. At the price they’re excellent value. If you are into watersports then they’re definitely worth a look.


  • Well made
  • Floats
  • Great value for money
  • Built in carry handle


  • Could do with a separate smaller internal bag

Manufacturer: Overboard

Price: £29.99