For the past year I’ve been getting into kayaking. Not the white water competitive kind, the leisurely rivers and canals kind. It is a fantastic outdoor pursuit – it has taken me to places I’d never have gone to unless it was to kayak, and allowed me to see places I’m familiar with through fresh eyes.

It is really important to have reliable waterproof gear when you’re kayaking whether for competition or for leisure. The Overboard Pro-Light Waterproof Backpack  does a fantastic job of keeping my day gear dry from lunch to spare clothes. But there is stuff that you want ready access to during a kayak rather than having it stowed away at the back of the boat. I’ve found that out to my cost having ruined a phone and camera after my waist pack took a dunking.

That’s why a good quality waist pack is vital. In the hunt for a waist pack to protect my stuff Overboard was my first port of call, and it will probably be my last. The Waterproof Waistpack I’ve been testing has a generous 3 litre capacity, yet it is comfy to wear and easy to get to grips with.

There’s a small zipped pocket on the front of the pouch. You could use this for things you need to get at quickly – thought the zip is only water resistant so don’t go putting paper money in there!

For those that want it there’s a foldaway water bottle holder that sits in a little zipped pouch when not in use.

Overboard Waterproof Waistpack water bottle holder

The main compartment is IP66 rated. That means it is suitable for quick submersion. It has the usual Overboard rolltop style. This really does help stop the water getting in if the bag gets dunked. Its only disadvantage over waist bags that use a zip system is that when opened the bag is very tall. People with short torsos like mine might find it a bit awkward reaching in and out of the bag while they’re sitting down. It’s an inconvenience I can live with, though, because the bag itself is so very good.

Overboard Waterproof Waistpack open

Just like on the bigger Overboard bags there are two ways to seal the bag. Both rely on rolling the neck round and round – that’s why it is so tall. This rolling helps prevent water from getting in. Once the neck has been rolled, you can either clasp the two end of the neck together as in the image below……

Overboard Waterproof Waistpack closure 1 002

Or use the side-clasps for a neater finish.

Overboard Waterproof Waistpack closure 2

The belt clip is thick and its clasp chunky. That is a good thing. When you are settled down for a good few hours paddling the last thing you want to worry about is whether the clasp on your waist pack is holding securely. If you have problems with the belt it can be removed from the bag. This is useful too if you want to use your own trousers belt for the waist pack. There is an added advantage to this system in that you can even strap the bag to a backpack if you want to use it as a quick access pocket when travelling.

Like other Overboard products, the Overboard Waterproof Waistpack floats so it should be easy to retrieve if it does land in the drink.  I’m not planning on letting that happen – but it’s good to know that my stuff should be easy to retrieve if ever it does – and that it should remain dry too.

Manufacturer: Overboard

Price: £29.99