Fitbit One

I had heard about the Fitbit customer support service being supremely helpful, about it being very good at responding positively to customer queries, and about it replacing faulty devices without fuss. I’d heard all that, but now I have experienced it.

It all started on 21 January when my Fitbit One stopped synchronising. I ran through the troubleshooting processes including doing a hard reset, reinstalling the Fitbit Connect app on my PC, and doing a reinstall of the app on my Android phone. No joy.

I concluded that something was wrong either with the Fitbit One or its wireless dongle, and I dropped an email to tech support using the contact form at the Fitbit web site. The very next day an email came through and we started an email exchange.

Quite rightly I was asked to try resetting the Fitbit One again, and so I did that – again. No luck – again. I reported that, and immediately the customer support team started the process of organising a replacement. Unfortunately I didn’t have a receipt, but this did not seem to faze the support team.

I tried resetting the Fitbit One sporadically while emails were winging to and fro, and on one occasion it worked, and the Fitbit One started synchronising again. Customer support noticed this, and queried it with me. In between email exchanges I had another synching failure, and had to do a second reset. I reported this and said it made me wonder if things were going seriously wrong such that the Fitbit One might not reboot successfully too many more times.

I rather expected the response to this to be ‘let’s wait and deal with that if it happens’. But the customer support team said they would do a replacement anyway, and asked me to send the faulty Fitbit One to them after receiving the replacement so they could take a look. This seemed perfectly acceptable.

Fitbit One

Two days after being told a replacement would be sent, it arrived.

The whole process, from initially reporting the problem to receiving the replacement took two weeks. That’s not bad at all considering the time delay caused by the fact that emails were whizzing between the UK and the US, with gaps caused much more by my slow responses than those of the customer support people.  And once, when I failed to respond to an email for a couple of days, I was sent a follow up asking if everything was OK as I’d not responded to their last email.

Moreover the tone of the emails I received was always extremely polite, and always wanting to move things on. Everything I said was accepted as the truth, all the questions I asked were answered, and the emails themselves extremely clear and easy to understand.

In case you are wondering, I never mentioned during this process that I run FitTechnica, or that I write about technology for a living. I did not get the ‘VIP treatment’.

If this is the way Fitbit treats all its customers then it is an exemplar for every company. Seriously, the level of support I have had from Fitbit is right up there with the best I’ve ever experienced. This blog is my way of shouting a big ‘Thank You’ about that.