Adidas Smart RunAdidas has announced its new miCoach Smart Run watch.

Not only does the Smart Run have all important built in GPS for tracking your runs, it also has a feature we’ve been asking to be built into a watch for a long time – it can monitor your heart rate without the need for a chest strap. The Smart Run measures your heart rate directly from your wrist.

Additional features include 4GB of built in storage for music and real-time coaching via spoken voices. Audio is delivered to your headset via Bluetooth. An accelerometer measures your stride rate – improving cadence can be crucial to going faster.

Smart Run can synchronise data with the web based miCoach portal, and you can customise what’s shown on its touch-responsive screen.

There’s not long to wait for the Smart Run. It goes on sale on 1 November with an expected price around £350.

We will, of course, give the Adidas Smart Run a thorough test as soon as we can get hold of one.