Apple iPhone 5S

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S yesterday there wasn’t much that the world didn’t know about it already. As with all Apple products the rumour mill has been churning about the iPhone 5S for months, and most of the firmest rumours proved to be pretty much on the money.

However, one thing that did surprise me about the iPhone 5S was Apple’s decision to include a co-processor specifically for processing motion data. The new M7 processor measures and analyses data from the built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and compass without the need to interrupt the main A7 CPU.

With the M7 and its corresponding Core Motion API, the iPhone 5S becomes a fitness tracking device that is constantly measuring every movement you make throughout your day. And because everything is built into the phone, there’s no need to synchronise data with an external device, so all your stats will be ready to view whenever you choose.

Given Apple’s existing relationship with Nike, it’s no surprise that the sports giant was on hand at the iPhone 5S launch to show off its new Nike+ Move app. Although a work in progress, the Move+ app is designed to work in conjunction with the M7 chip and the in-built GPS, logging every aspect of your daily activity and turning it into NikeFuel points.

As more app developers get to grips with the M7 we’ll probably see a plethora of new fitness apps hitting the iPhone 5S over the coming months. And since most of us have our phone with us all day, every day, no matter what we’re doing, the iPhone 5S could well turn into the ultimate fitness gadget.

The iPhone 5S will be hitting the streets in a week and I’ll be trying out the Nike+ Move app as soon as I can get my paws on it. Check back soon for my first impressions.