Author: Sandra Vogel

Radiopaq dots review

The other day Riyad wrote an editorial explaining why, in his opinion, nobody should ever wear headphones while cycling. I second that opinion and also believe that having music playing in your ears while running outdoors is far from ideal. Nonetheless, I fully accept that there are occasions when a little musical encouragement is welcome. Indeed, I’ve had the benefit of a personal coaching session with Dr Costas Karageorghis a specialist in using music for sports motivation who has worked with some of Britain’s top athletes (as part of a guest entry from Sony Ericsson to the Run To...

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Suunto launches M series heart rate monitors

Suunto has brought its latest range of heart rate monitors to the UK, the Suunto M series. Designed to be easy to use the M series devices tell you when to train, how long for, and how hard you need to work. There is, says Suunto, no technical jargon or long set-up time to cope with. Needless to say we already have a new M series device in and are preparing to test it. In the mean time, read on to learn more about the M series. Key features Creating a personal, automatically-updating exercise programme. Three targets to choose...

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Adidas miCoach Review

It is likely that you know Adidas as a maker of fitness clothing – including of course running shoes. But the company also sells a range of other products including antiperspirants, eyewear, sports watches and the sports fitness kit that is the subject of this review, the miCoach which launched in March this year. miCoach is designed specifically for runners. It relies on regular and frequent use of a web site to create personalised training routines which you follow with the aid of a heart rate monitor, distance Stride Sensor and the miCoach Pacer, a gadget which gathers information...

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Garmin Forerunner 110 Review

Garmin has established itself as a leader in satellite navigation products with a current portfolio that ranges far and wide. There are outdoor devices for leisure and adventure pursuits, marine and aviation specific products, and in-car and motorcycle satnav devices. The company even has a range of smartphones with built in satnav. And it also has a number of products for fitness including cycling and running devices. The Forerunner 110 sits in the middle of the runner specific range of products. It is a GPS enabled sports watch which can be used to measure distance covered, calories burned and...

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