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Altec Lansing Muzx Ultra earphones review

    One thing we are very clear about here at is that nobody should wear earphones while running or cycling outdoors. If you are in any doubt as to why this is a bad idea, then read the editorial Riyad wrote a little while ago. However, during indoor training sessions, or as pre session motivation or part of post session cool down, earphones, or more precisely the sound they deliver, can be welcome. So, with that in mind we have no problem with reviewing a range of different earphones at different prices. And right now we’ve got...

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The joys of the unexpected

There are few people for whom the training routine doesn’t at some point become a chore. Whatever your level, however long you have been a runner, whatever your goals, sometimes just making yourself get out for the next run can be a challenge. There are lots of ways you can get over that problem. Advice for reluctant starters includes having your kit all laid out and ready so that it takes just a few seconds to get changed and get out there. I’ve used that technique to get me into the habit of early morning runs as it leaves...

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Nike+ GPS App for iPhone review

In early September Nike announced its Nike+ GPS app for iPhone and iPod touch. We reported on it and you can read the report here. In doing this Nike was building on the successes of the Nike+ kit for runners and also jumping on the increasingly popular AppStore bandwagon. The Nike+ GPS app aims to provide anyone with a compatible Apple produce the opportunity to measure speed, distance and pace for an outlay of just £1.19. You don’t need any additional Nike+ kit. With voice encouragement from Lance Armstrong, Paula Radcliffe and American comedian Tracy Morgan thrown into the...

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Garmin announces Forerunner 410 and Forerunner 210

Garmin has expanded its range of Forerunner models with a view to giving runners an increased range of GPS enabled watches to choose from. The two new devices will see their first light of day at the London Cycle Show which is taking place right now. We’ve of course got plans to review both watches. If you want to know more about each, read on. The Garmin Forerunner 410 has a touch sensitive bezel to help you access its features while you are on the run. You can customise it with three different training pages offering more than 30...

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Timex Personal Trainer

Timex is one of the best know watchmakers in the world. Less well known is its work with sports fitness computers, yet it has been active in this area for many years. The Timex fitness range extends from everyday watches with stopwatch facilities right through to GPS enabled wrist computers which can upload data to a desktop computer for detailed analysis. The Timex Personal Trainer has limited capability. It communicates with a chest-strap heart rate monitor to check on your heart during exercise, delivering results for you to note down after you’ve finished a session. It calculates how long...

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Nike launches Nike+ GPS app for iPhone, Paula Radcliffe provides motivational feedback

Nike has launched a new Nike+ GPS app for the iPhone. Nike says it is the first runners app designed to work seamlessly between GPS and accelerometer to provide an accurate, motivating and entertaining runner’s tool. You can use it to map every outdoor run you do while tracking pace, distance, time and calories burned. There is also a new motivational aspect with athletes like Paula Radcliffe and Lance Armstrong providing feedback. Comedian Tracy Morgan also gets a verbal look-in. The Nike+ GPS app allows runners to do all of the following: Run Anywhere: From indoor to outdoor, track...

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powertraveller powermonkey eXplorer Review

Many people interested in sport and fitness find that they carry a lot of gear on their travels. Some of this gear needs regular energy boosts. And some of the travels can be way beyond access to niceties like mains power (and fresh food, and showers). Even if your trip away is less extreme, and just involves a weekend in an unfamiliar place, finding mains power when you need it can be a chore. The most obvious way to deal with this is to carry a fully charged battery unit, and there are plenty of those available. But what...

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Polar RS800CX with S3 Stride Sensor Review

Just a couple of week ago Riyad posted his review of the Polar RS800CX. This is a top of the range device that is at home being used by single sports enthusiasts as those engaged in several different activities. Anyone interested in multiple sports will be drawn to the range of bundles and accessories on offer including a cadence sensor for those who like to work out on two wheels, a stride sensor for those who prefer two feet, and GPS and heart rate monitor for both. Bearing in mind the extreme flexibility of the Polar RS800CX I decided...

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Suunto M4 Review

Suunto is well known for its fitness technology, and its products span a seriously impressive range of activities from mountaineering and diving to hiking, skiing and sailing. The company has a strong range of personal fitness products and we reported just a couple of weeks ago that a new range had been launched in the UK, the M series of sports watches with heart rate monitor. The M series of sports watches can set you weekly fitness goals and give you daily reminders that exercise is due in order to keep you on the straight and narrow towards the...

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Adidas and Sennheiser join forces for new sports earphones lineup

Adidas and Sennheiser have joined forces to launch a series of four headphones designed specifically for sports. Adidas is keen to promote these as ideal for use with its miCoach system, though they are suitable for all kinds of physical pursuits. All four are sweat and water resistant and have Kevlar reinforced cabling. They have different designs and there should be something for every preference. I’ve already got one of the four, the PMX 680 pictured above, and am testing it now. Expect a report soon. Meanwhile, click below for more pictures of the different models and pricing. The...

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