Author: Riyad Emeran

Shure SE535 Review

If you read my recent Sound Advice editorial, you’ll know that wearing earphones and listening to music while you’re cycling is, quite simply, insane. However, I wouldn’t dream of setting foot in the gym without music to motivate me, and I don’t want to compromise on sound quality while I’m pounding the treadmill or spinning those pedals. So, while the Radiopaq dots that Sandra looked at recently represent an unashamedly budget option, I’m jumping to the other end of the spectrum with the Shure SE535 noise isolating earphones. The Shure SE535s have a lot to live up to, since...

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Polar RS800CX Review

The Polar RS800CX sits at the top of the product tree. This is a serious piece of kit that can connect to just about any accessory that you might want. Unlike the Polar CS500 that I reviewed a few weeks ago, the RS800CX is a traditional wrist based device, making it a versatile training partner that can turn its hand to a number of disciplines. What you’ve got in the RS800CX is a wrist unit that not only measures your heart rate, but can also calculate speed and distance, using a plethora of different sensors, as well as cadence...

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Sound Advice

I went for a ride yesterday around one of my usual loops – a 34 mile circuit with a good mix of hills and flats. It’s a route I know very well, but yesterday morning it threw up a surprise by trying to kill me! Okay, so the route itself didn’t try to kill me, but I had a nasty brush with my mortality while I was riding said route. While I was enjoying one of the most pleasant parts of the ride – a reasonably flat section alongside a river, with a nice, smooth surface – I was...

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Garmin Edge 500 Review

The Garmin Edge 500 is a high end, feature packed cycle computer, much like the Polar CS500 that I reviewed last week. However, the way that the Edge 500 goes about its business is very different from the Polar. In fact, despite both devices being targeted at similar users, they’re actually poles apart. Polar’s history is firmly set in heart rate monitor technology, while Garmin is one of the biggest names in GPS tech. As such, the technology inside the Edge 500 is based on Garmin’s expertise in the world of GPS, with all the other functionality hanging off that well...

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Polar CS500 Cycle Computer Review

Polar is a name that’s synonymous with fitness technology. In fact, it’s safe to say that Polar is responsible for the widespread use of heart rate monitors that we see today. But one of the best things about Polar as a company is that it’s always looking forward, rather than resting on its not insignificant laurels. And while Polar’s history lies in heart rate monitors, its present lies firmly in the realm of the fitness computer. Although many of Polar’s devices can be used for a multitude of fitness activities, today I’m looking at one that’s targeted firmly at...

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