Author: Riyad Emeran

Garmin launches Edge 200 cycle computer

Garmin has a strong reputation when it comes to GPS enabled cycle computers, with its range topping Edge 800 being arguably the most advanced and feature packed device on the market. But now Garmin has turned its attention to the other end of the market with the launch of the Edge 200. The Edge 200 is aimed at cyclists who are just starting to get serious and want to measure their rides in terms of speed and distance, but don’t want to get bogged down with bike sensors and heart rate monitors just yet. Garmin is banking on the...

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Garmin Edge 800 Review

There’s no denying that Garmin has built itself an enviable reputation in the fitness computer market. Whether you’re a cyclist, a runner or a hiker, Garmin has a GPS based device to help you get the most out of your chosen pursuit. And even though the competition in this sector has grown stronger in the past year or so, Garmin continues to make class-leading devices. The Edge 800 sits at the top of Garmin’s cycle computer range and if you take a look at this device’s substantial feature list it’s clear to see why it’s in pole position. While...

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Radiopaq Flex Review

I have to admit that I’m something of a snob when it comes to earphones. I’m a firm believer that good sound quality is worth paying for, and that there’s no point having a high quality digital music player, if you’re going to plug substandard earphones into it. However, a great set of earphones for commuting or sitting at your desk doesn’t necessarily equate to a great set of earphones for use while exercising. When you’re pounding a treadmill or running around the park, comfort, fit and general robustness can be just as important as overall sound quality. Today...

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nPower PEG Kinetic Charger Spotted at CES

We’ve seen a few solar chargers here at FitTechnica, but even good examples like the PowerMonkey PowerTraveller will struggle in the UK’s sunless climate. What would really be good is a portable charger that didn’t need sunlight, and that’s exactly what I stumbled across on a small booth in a corner of the Consumer Electronics Show. The nPower PEG is a portable charger that gets its power from kinetic energy. The PEG harvests your kinetic energy as you walk, so if you’re going for a long hike, you can ensure that your mobile phone or MP3 player is kept...

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Nike+ SportWatch GPS First Look Review

When Nike first launched the Nike+ system many saw it as something of a gimmick rather than a serious training tool. The ability to track your speed and distance using the Nike+ Foot Pod and your iPod nano was fun, but not ideal for the serious runner. Over the past twelve months the Nike+ system has evolved with the iPhone GPS app, and more recently the Polar Nike+ enabled WearLink heart rate sensor. But this week a new product was announced that has taken the Nike+ system to the next level. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is the result of...

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Polar FT1 Review

There’s no denying that a heart rate monitor can be a big help when you’re trying to improve your fitness, or train for a specific goal. However, high-end devices like the Polar RS800CX, or even the Polar FT80 can be overkill for someone just starting down the fitness path. Not only will a full-blown fitness computer be stuffed with features that a beginner won’t need, it will also be an expensive purchase. Thankfully there are options for the fitness technology novice. Options that won’t confuse the user with an overflow of features, and options that won’t cost the earth....

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Polar FT80 Review

The Polar FT80 sits at the top of the company’s Fitness and Cross Training tree, which means that it’s aimed at users who are keen to improve their general fitness level while indulging in a variety of activities. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a walker, a gym obsessive, or even a keen kayaker, the FT80 could be a very useful tool. Like the Polar RS800CX that I reviewed recently, the FT80 is a very versatile bit of kit. Thanks to the optional G1 GPS unit and S1 Foot Pod, the FT80 can measure speed, distance and pace in...

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Garmin Ride Out 2010

If only every Monday was like yesterday. I woke up, packed my bike and all my riding kit in my car and drove down to the New Forest, where I met up with the guys and gals from Garmin UK and around 200 other keen cyclists. You see yesterday was the annual Garmin ride out, where the company invites some of its customers (and a few tired old journos), to head out on their bikes for a bit of two wheeled socialising. To make things even more interesting, some of the guys from Team Garmin came along to remind...

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News: Garmin Edge 800 Announced

Garmin has announced what appears to be the most feature rich cycle computer ever to hit the market. The new Garmin Edge 800 will combine all the performance data recording features of the Edge 500, with the mapping functionality of the Edge 705. It looks like the Edge 800 is following in the design footsteps of the Edge 500, in that it looks like a cycle computer rather than a traditional GPS unit. The picture on this page is the only image that Garmin has released so far, but the large, colour screen and carbon fibre surround will certainly...

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CatEye Strada Wireless Review

Recently I reviewed the Polar CS500 and Garmin Edge 500 cycle computers, both of which are high end, fully featured, serious pieces of kit, with price tags to match. However, if you’re just getting into cycling, or more of a leisure rider, you might not need that level of data. That’s where the subject of today’s review comes in – the CatEye Strada Wireless. CatEye has been making cycle computers for a very long time. In fact the very first cycle computer I ever bought was a CatEye – it was a CatEye Mitty, which I mounted on my...

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