Author: Riyad Emeran

Polar RC3 GPS Review

The Polar RC3 represents a major “first” for the Finnish company. While competitors such as Garmin have been making watches with integrated GPS receivers for years, Polar has always opted for a two device system – a sports watch with a separate GPS module for those that wanted it. Polar’s approach had some advantages – the watches could be slimmer and lighter, you weren’t paying for GPS if you didn’t want it, and the battery in the watch could last for over a year. But for many users, the sheer convenience of having full GPS functionality on their arm...

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Cygnett Action Armband Review

Your smartphone is a great training companion. Not only can you stuff it full of your favourite tunes, but all that great tech built into it means that it can do pretty much anything that a dedicated fitness computer can. The only problem is that most smartphones are fairly large and relatively heavy, so you don’t really want one bouncing around in your shorts pocket while you’re running. The Cygnett Action Armband addresses that problem, allowing you to strap your smartphone to your upper arm, ensuring that it doesn’t annoy you when running. There are essentially two parts to...

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TomTom launches new GPS sports watches

TomTom has announced a new range of GPS sports watches. Of course this isn’t the first time that TomTom has entered the market, having partnered with Nike to create the Nike+ SportWatch GPS back in 2011. This is, however, the first time that TomTom has created a product solo, with its own branding. The new watches certainly look the part, with a slim case (11mm), large, high-resolution LCD displays and a One-Button Control system – “We know that most GPS watches on the market are too bulky and complicated to use while training.” said TomTom Consumer’s managing director, Corinne...

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Natural Selection: My Switch to Barefoot Running

If you’ve been running for a while, you’ve probably invested a lot of money in running shoes over the years. Traditional running shoes are designed with a significant amount of shock absorbency built into the sole, the purpose being to reduce the degree of impact that your feet have to deal with. Different shoes use different substances to cushion that impact, whether it be gel, air or any number of patented wonder-materials. Recently though, the wisdom of using heavily cushioned running shoes has been called into question. The debate really started to rage when Christopher McDougal wrote his best...

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Nike+ FuelBand Review

Last September I picked up a Nike+ FuelBand while I was wandering around San Francisco. I’d been meaning to get a sample in for review, but hadn’t got around to it, so while I was browsing through the Nike store on Union Square, I just bought one. Given that the FuelBand is a device that you’re supposed to live with every day, I decided that I wouldn’t write a review until I’d used it for a significant amount of time. This week I clocked up 1-million NikeFuel points, which represents an intensive testing regime, even by FitTechnica standards. So,...

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NordicTrack T14.2 Treadmill Review

It’s always hard to keep up your fitness levels during the winter, especially a winter that seems to be as never-ending as this one. When you’re days away from April and you’re faced with sub-zero temperatures and blankets of snow, finding the enthusiasm to head out for a run isn’t easy. Of course you can go to the gym, but even that takes a degree of effort, especially when you’re not getting home from work until eight or nine in the evening. There’s a reason why there’s a huge uplift of new gym memberships in January, and an equally...

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Polar RCX5 GPS Review

I have a fair bit of fitness tech knocking around in my house, but the two devices I use the most are both made by Polar – a CS500 which is married to my Litespeed road bike, and an FT80, which I use when out for a run or in the gym. However, the Polar RCX5 that I’m reviewing today could replace both those devices without me losing any functionality. Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t use the Polar CS500 because it’s the most feature packed cycle computer on the market – if it was all about features, I’d...

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Trail Running at Cotswold Outdoor

I recently moved house, and although it was one of the more stressful experiences of my life, I now find myself with a large, wooded, country park, literally at the end of my road. Obviously I’m very happy about this, and I now have some great mountain bike terrain literally on my doorstep. But I started thinking that my newly acquired park (it’s mine now) provided a perfect opportunity to get into trail running. If you’re not familiar with trail running, it’s a pretty self explanatory pursuit. In my case, it’s kind of like mountain biking, but without the...

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Polar FT4 Review

About a year ago I reviewed the Polar FT1 – a very basic heart rate monitor for anyone taking their first step into monitoring their fitness and performance. As its name suggests, the FT4 that I’m reviewing today sits a couple of rungs up from the FT1, though it would still suit anyone looking for their first heart rate monitor. The feature set is fairly basic on the FT4, but that’s not a bad thing for a fitness technology novice. More advanced devices like Polar’s FT80 or the RS800CX could prove very daunting, with so many features and so...

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Philips ActionFit Neckband Headset Review

As a general rule of thumb it’s pretty safe to say that the earphones that come bundled with most mp3 players are universally awful. The best thing you can do with bundled earphones is leave them in the box or dump them in the bin. Even moderately priced aftermarket earphones will usually offer a significant improvement in sound quality over whatever came with your player or mobile phone. However, although I’m generally all about the sound quality when it comes to earphones, if you’re planning to do most of your listening while you’re exercising, there are other factors to...

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