Author: Riyad Emeran

Updated: Polar Loop Activity Tracker Announced

As the convergence between the technology and fitness industries gains momentum, activity trackers are becoming common, or even fashionable accessories. The Nike+ FuelBand has been hugely successful, but there’s no shortage of other options like the Fitbit One, Withings Pulse and Jawbone Up all enjoying success in this new marketplace. What always surprised me was that Polar, arguably the pioneer of targeted fitness technology products, hadn’t produced an activity tracker. But that’s about to change, with the Finnish fitness tech company announcing the Loop. Like the FuelBand, the Loop is a wrist-based activity tracker that’s designed to monitor your...

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Lumo Lift tracks activity and posture

Last month Sandra reviewed the LUMOback – a wearable sensor device designed to improve your posture and general wellbeing. Sandra really liked the LUMOback, but some might not want to wear a strap and sensor around the base of their spine all day. To address the issues of comfort and convenience, Lumo BodyTech has announced the Lumo Lift. The Lumo Lift was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas and I managed to catch up with the Lumo BodyTech team and get a demonstration of the new device. The first thing that struck me about the Lumo Lift is just...

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JayBird Reign Takes Flight

CES 2014 has been overflowing with new fitness technology launches, with new devices announced by major players like Garmin and Polar, but one company you may not have heard of before is JayBird. But even if you haven’t heard of JayBird, you will when its new activity tracker launches later this year. The JayBird Reign is a wrist-based activity tracker that looks great but also comes stuffed full of features and is backed up by an impressive companion app. The device itself is flexible, tactile and comfortable to wear. It comes in an array of colours and is one...

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iFit Active fitness tracker launched

If you’re read my reviews of the NordicTrack T14.2 treadmill and the ProForm Le Tour de France training bike you’ll know all about iFit already. If you haven’t, iFit is a comprehensive fitness ecosystem that’s built into a plethora of gym equipment. Essentially iFit doesn’t just log your gym activity online, it allows you to design your own workouts and send them to your treadmill, exercise bike or cross trainer. Backing up that gym equipment integration is a web portal and mobile app, all of which help you track, log and analyse all the data from your workouts. And...

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Sleep soundly with the Withings Aura

Withings has expanded its already comprehensive health and fitness ecosystem once again with the launch of the Aura at CES in Las Vegas. The Withings Aura will track every aspect of your sleep and use that data and understanding to ensure that you wake up fresh. The Aura is made up of two parts. The sleep sensor is placed under the mattress and monitors your movement, breathing and heart rate during sleep. The other half of the equation sits at the bedside and controls your sleeping environment both visually and audibly. The bedside device will create the perfect lighting...

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New Fitbit activity tracker is the iPhone 5S

Back in September when Apple launched the iPhone 5S I reported that the most exciting aspect of the new phone was the M7 chip. That new M7 processor is designed specifically to log movement and activity, which, in my opinion, made the iPhone 5S the ideal platform for fitness tracking – an opinion that Fitbit seems to share. Fitbit has recently updated its iPhone app to take advantage of the M7 chip and essentially turn the phone itself into an activity tracker within the Fitbit ecosystem. The new Mobile Track feature is specific to iPhone 5S users and provides...

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Nike Vapor Running Jacket Review

In case you haven’t noticed, the weather in the UK has been pretty dire over the Christmas period and it’s not showing any signs of improving. But you can’t put your training on hold just because it’s wet and windy outside, in fact it’s even more important that you keep laying down the miles when it’s all too tempting to climb under a blanket, watch TV and eat chocolate. Of course heading out for a run when it’s cold and wet is far more bearable when you’re wearing the right gear. Making sure that you stay warm and dry...

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Getting fit in 2014

Right about now many of us start making plans for a healthier, fitter lifestyle in the coming year. After the excesses of Christmas, and some well-earned downtime, we often start to take stock of ourselves and realise that we’re not as fit as we used to be. And it’s that realisation that drives the popular New Year’s resolution to kick off a fitness regime in January. The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that the majority of them don’t last past January, if they even last that long. So what can you do to ensure that your decision to...

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Fitbit Flex Review

Fitbit has been playing in the activity tracker arena for a long time. It was back in 2008 that the company launched its original Fitbit device, but it was when the Fitbit One launched in 2012 that consumers really took notice. The Fitbit One was stuffed full of great features, despite its small dimensions, but many still preferred the Nike+ FuelBand due to its wristband design. So, the Fitbit Flex was launched, providing the majority of the features found in the Fitbit One, but designed to be worn on the wrist. What’s in the box? Unlike the Nike+ FuelBand...

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Jawbone UP Review

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room straight away – the Jawbone UP has no wireless connectivity. Even though Jawbone is a company that has manufactured some of the best Bluetooth headsets to grace your ear, it decided not to equip its activity tracker with any such functionality. Despite the Jawbone UP’s antiquated modus operandi, the real surprise is that I still quite like it. On paper that might seem a bit odd, especially when you compare the UP to competitors like the Nike+ FuelBand SE, Fitbit One or Withings Pulse, but when you actually use the UP,...

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