Author: Riyad Emeran

Withings Activité: A new kind of activity tracker

Withings makes some great fitness technology. The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is top of the tree when it comes to smart scales, while the Withings Pulse is still one of the best and most innovative activity trackers you can buy. But now Withings is set to move the game on once more with the Activité. The Withings Activité is a new activity tracker, but it looks very different to the devices you’re used to seeing gracing people’s wrists. You see, while most activity trackers are simple wrist bands that hide the clever accelerometers and wireless transmitters, the Activité is...

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Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Cadence Bundle Review

If you’re a regular reader of FitTechnica you’ll know that I reviewed the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT about a year ago, and you’re probably wondering why I’m looking at the device again. The answer is simple – this new RFLKT bundle includes a very clever cadence sensor, which rounds off the feature set nicely. If you’re looking for a detailed rundown of what the RFLKT is and what it does, I suggest reading my original Wahoo Fitness RFLKT review, but in summary the RFLKT is a cycle computer that’s powered by your iPhone. In the simplest terms, the RFLKT is...

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Strava Review

Training by yourself can be a lonely pursuit. Whether you’re cycling or running, laying down the miles with no one to compare your performance to can be both disheartening and detrimental. Ultimately, we all need something to strive for, someone to chase and challenges to rise to, and Strava can provide all of that. Strava is an online platform that allows you to log each and every one of your rides and runs. Now you’re probably thinking that pretty much every sports watch or cycle computer comes with an online portal that does the same thing, and in some...

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Jawbone UP24 Review

When I wrote the Jawbone UP review last year, I was surprised at how much I liked it. Yes, the connection method was antiquated and the lack of an in-built display bothered me, but the superb companion app really won me over. I was therefore very keen to get my paws on the Jawbone UP24, which solves that first issue by incorporating Bluetooth Smart technology. Design The Jawbone UP24 looks very much like the original UP. If you study the two side by side, you’ll realise that the textured pattern on the UP24 is subtly different to that of...

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Alternative Therapy

I recently came to the realisation that I’m not 25 anymore. In fact I’m a pretty long way from 35, and shall be celebrating (and I use the word in the broadest possible sense) my 45th birthday in October. That moment of clarity was brought on, for the most part, by the relatively endless aches and pains that I put up with these days. While I’ve always been a very active person, I don’t remember all that activity hurting quite so much before. I’m sure that I’m not unique in this realisation, and in fact Sandra has recently undergone surgery...

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GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Review

When it comes to action cameras, there’s one brand that instantly springs to mind, and for good reason. The name GoPro is synonymous with shooting extreme sports action, no matter what the environment, and the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition reinforces the brand’s dominance in the market. While the Hero3+ Silver Edition isn’t the top-of-the-range model, it’s probably the best bundle for anyone that’s serious about recording their outdoor exploits. The more expensive Black Edition’s ability to shoot at 4K is undoubtedly impressive, but most of us won’t have a 4K screen to make use of that resolution. And since...

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The truth about nutrition & training

If you’re looking to get fit and healthy, sorting out a training plan that’s both challenging and achievable is important. But just as important is taking a long, hard look at your diet. If you want to train effectively, your body needs fuel, and like any engine, your body will function optimally with the right fuel. To lift the lid on nutrition and address some of the questions that I’m asked regularly regarding diet, exercise and fat loss, FitTechnica asked Fiona Hunter for some expert advice to help you make the right nutritional choices. (FT) For someone working towards...

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TomTom MySports mobile app launches

When I reviewed the TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport watches last year the company assured me that it would be improving and updating the devices over time. True to its word we’ve seen several firmware updates to the watches with some key new functionality added, but the launch of the MySports mobile app is undoubtedly the most important addition to the ecosystem. Since both TomTom watches already use Bluetooth Smart technology to pair with heart rate straps and cycling sensors, pairing with an app on your phone is the natural progression. The MySports mobile app is currently only available...

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Finding the best fitness tracker

If you’re looking to get fitter in 2014, investing in a fitness tracker to log your daily activity is a good first step. But with the dizzying choice available, finding the best fitness tracker for you is a tricky proposition. In fact, making that choice is only going to get harder with a whole plethora of new devices set to hit the market in the coming months. The important thing to remember is that these devices are very personal, so what might be the best option for your friend, partner or training buddy, isn’t necessarily the best option for...

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Fitbit Force Review

  The Fitbit Force fitness tracker isn’t available in the UK yet, but when I met with Fitbit while I was at CES in Las Vegas recently, I was given a sample to take home and review. The Force should be hitting UK streets in March with an estimated price of £99, which makes it around £20 more expensive than the Fitbit Flex that I reviewed last month. While I really liked the Fitbit Flex, it lacked a few key features, most notably an integrated display. The Force has been designed to address the shortcomings of the Flex while...

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