SmartBand Talk featured mainSony has announced an update to its SmartBand wrist worn activity monitor.

The new SmartBand Talk ‘lifelogger’ justifies its name by having a built-in microphone and speaker, and a short call function so you can talk into it and hear your caller, with HD Voice support. This makes it possible to have phone calls when you’re on the move or your phone is out of reach. In addition, through Sony’s integrated Voice Control technology, you can assign your own sounds to life bookmarks and use your voice to carry out specific smartphone operations.

SmartBand Talk has a curved, always-on 1.4-inch e-paper display. So, unlike with the original SmartBand, there’s a display you can view all the time and you can monitor Lifelog activity and view notifications and the time at a glance.

Built-in accelerometer and altimeter sensor technology feels how you move – and how much – to provide what Sony says is an accurate overview of your daily physical activity, whether it be walking, running or climbing. You can see how active you were and how you have been communicating, as the SmartBand Talk pulls all of your information from your smartphone shows this on its own screen.

SmartBand Talk is waterproof (IP68 rated). It will initially come in black and white, with other colours to follow.

It is due later this year –  and of course, here at FitTechnica we plan to put it through its paces.