Polar M400 main

Polar has announced a new sports watch that combines advanced GPS functions with activity and sleep tracking.

The Polar M400 integrates 24/7 activity tracking with advanced sports features and uses Bluetooth Smart to communicate with smartphone apps.

Priced at £134 (or £169 if bought with a heart rate sensor), the Polar M400 could be a great device for someone stepping up from a wrist worn activity tracker into more serious time and distance based monitoring.

Features include:

  • Tracks pace, distance and altitude with the built-in GPS
  • Timing features include an interval timer (distance or time based) and an end time estimator based on your speed pace
  • Back-to-Start directs you to your starting point in the shortest distance possible, allowing urban runners to try new routes or people who travel to run without fear of getting lost
  • Keeps tabs on your personal bests and notifies you when you have broken your record. This helps you challenge yourself and stay motivated to keep training and racing
  • 24/7 Activity Tracking. Monitor’s everyday activities including counting steps, burned calories and give alerts when it’s time to get up and interrupt long periods of inactivity
  • Customisable sport profiles for multiple sports on the wrist unit
  • Seamless syncing between smartphone and Polar M400 via Bluetooth Smart
  • Fully water-resistant, and its high-contrast and high-resolution display is ideal for outdoor use in any weather condition
  • Running Index calculates how running performance is developing over time based on heart rate and speed
  • Polar’s Smart Coaching features give guidance throughout your training and shows the effect of your workout at the end of each session

The Polar M400 will be available in October.