Timex Ironman One GPS


The new Timex Ironman One GPS+ has launched in the US.

Unlike other watches this one does not need to pair with a handset to provide connected features. Things like live tracking are catered for by built in communications.

The watch has built in messaging facilities and can even handle email. It can send an SOS style alert just in case you should ever need to. It also has 4GB of storage so you can carry motivational music around with you, and Bluetooth allows it to pair with wire free headphones. It has a colour touchscreen.

Primarily aimed at runners the Timex Ironman One GPS+ can do everything you’d expect of a modern sports watch in terms of data gathering: it will track speed, distance and pace, and can share performance data across social media and with fitness based web sites.

So far we’ve not seen an announcement of this watch for the UK. In the US I has launched with a price of US$399 (£237) and US$450 (£267) with a heart rate monitor. It is set to become available in the US in November.

We of course have our eyes to the ground on this one and are hoping for a UK launch soon.