Adidas Climachill tank top of review

There’s absolutely no excuse for not getting yourself a decent running top. As the days get warmer, the need for modern materials becomes more and more apparent. Wicking the sweat away, feeling as light as air on your back, a seriously good summer running top is worth its (light) weight.  And of course every brand has plenty on offer.

The latest from Adidas is the Climachill range. There are several styles and designs of top made using this new technology. The womens range includes classic polo shirts, standard t-shirt style tops, and what Adidas sent me to try – the ‘tank’ design.

What makes Climachill different from everything else is its cooling technology. There are two elements to this, one visually apparent, the other not.

The fabric looks and feels like a fairly standard stuff. It is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The seams are neatly sewn and I didn’t feel them at all when wearing the tank. All important reflective elements come in the form of the Adidas logo on the front, and Climachill branding on the back. The T and polo designs add an Adidas stripe on one shoulder which I rather like.

Adidas Climachill tank back

If colours matter to you, then you may want to know that my purple review sample was a simply lovely deep, rich colour – the photos don’t do it justice. The lilac band around the inside at the bottom and along the back of the neck add a nice touch.

Adidas Climachill tank piping

What you won’t notice in any visual appraisal is that the yarn contains titanium and this helps its wicking and cooling properties.

It is when you cast your eye over the section that sits on your upper back that you see the other, much more visual aspect to Climachill. There you’ll see a series of silver dots. They’re aluminium. They conduct heat away from your skin. I felt their coolness the moment I put the tank on, and as I got more sweaty their little cooling dots were quite apparent. It sounds like a weird idea, but I am rather a fan. I can’t help wondering what it would be like to have those dots all over the back of a running T. I’d like to find out.

Adidas Climachill tank aluminium dots

The fit is quite snug. I found it fine round the shoulders and upper torso, a bit overly hugging lower down. Adidas makes no bones about this – and calls it ‘slim fit’. Some people might want to consider buying a size up from the usual. I’d recommend trying on before you buy just to be sure you are completely happy with the fit and how well it displays your, erm, sculpted torso.

One other thing to note – there’s no pocket in this garment. If you want somewhere to stow your keys or whatever else you like to carry when you are on a run, it’ll have to be in your shorts. That’s fine by me. I rarely find pockets on Ts very comfortable or satisfactory.


The Adidas Climachill tank is something very different from the norm in terms of cooling technology – the aluminium dots are a more low-tech solution than usual. But they work. And while I was a sceptic before I tried the tank out, I quickly became a convert.


  • The aluminium dots feel cool when you put the garment on
  • The dots keep the upper back cool during exercise


  • Some people might not like the snug fit

Manufacturer:  Adidas

Price: £28