Garmin Fenix 2Garmin has announced its most sophisticated sports watch ever – the fenix 2.

The original fenix from Garmin packs in so many features that it is difficult to drop it into a particular niche. It is a very sophisticated watch, for a demanding outdoor focussed audience.

Now the fenix 2 adds even more into the mix. Its new features include expanded sports and training options, an improved user interface and better connection to Android smartphones and the iPhone through Garmin Connect.

The original fenix focused on navigation and tracking functionality and the new fenix 2 adds cutting edge multisport training capabilities. The inclusion of advanced running and fitness features makes the fenix 2 suitable for ultra runners and trail runners.  It includes recovery time calculation to help you make the most of training activities.

The fenix 2 also incorporates advanced running dynamics with the new HRM-Run heart rate monitor, which provides feedback on running form by measuring cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time. These metrics affect running economy, so fenix 2 can coach users to become more efficient runners.

Besides classic sport activities like running, cycling or climbing, fenix 2 adds further activity profiles like Ski-Board mode, XC Ski mode and swim mode, which make this device incredibly versatile and very appealing to active people and multisport athletes.

Like its predecessor, fenix 2 comes equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver plus a barometric altimeter and 3-axis compass. It includes comprehensive navigational tools that allow users to plan trips and create routes, record waypoints, such as campsites or points of interest, and record GPS breadcrumb trails on the move (tracklogs).

The fenix 2 could be just about the ideal watch for any outdoor person. It costs £359.99 on its own, while the Performer Bundle with HRM-Run will cost £389.99. It is available this month.

We are, of course, planning to get one in to review.