Adidas Recovery Massage Pro Slides head

Cast your mind back to the last time you gave your body a real pounding doing whatever exercise it is that you do. How did you ease your aching muscles? A bath? A massage? How about wearing a pair of specially designed sandals to help your poor old feet?

Recovery shoes are nothing new. But these sandals, from Adidas are new. Oh, and by the way, Adidas wants us to call them ‘slides’ and not sandals. I guess sandals are a bit ‘grandad wears them with socks’ and slides is rather more cool. OK Adidas, I’ll call them slides.

The Recovery Massage Pro Slides are part of the Adidas swimming range. The idea is that you pop them on after an intense swim session. I’m not entirely clear how intense swimming gives your feet a really hard time, but there you go.

The key feature of these slides is their ‘plastic nubs’, which are, says Adidas, ‘strategically placed’. They give you a sort of foot massage while you walk on and wear them. They’re the blue circles in the photos. They sit very proud of the sole, and there is no ignoring them.

Adidas Recovery Massage Pro Slides edge viewNow, when Adidas offered me a review sample of the Recovery Massage Pro Slides I said ‘yes please, women’s size 5’. They sent me a men’s size 9. With the best will in the world I wasn’t going to be able to give them a fair testing.

But I found a runner with the right sized feet and asked him to test them for me. A runner, not a swimmer, admittedly, but I was interested in the comfort, and the effectiveness of the nubs.

My tester was not overly impressed. He said he found the nubs irritating and that walking while wearing the slides he felt the nubs digging into his feet – and not in a good way. He certainly didn’t notice any massaging benefits and felt uncomfortable rather than comfortable.

Unfortunately for Adidas this is far from the ideal reaction. And I can’t help thinking that my runner would have given me exactly the same response if he’d been a swimmer. After all the nubs would be doing the same job.

Adidas Recovery Massage Pro Slides crossed

On the plus side, Adidas has done a very good job with design and fit. The fit round the top of the foot seemed snug and my tester said it was very comfortable. The sole is made from a soft, quick drying material, and is quite springy and pretty thick. We both agreed that a pair of ordinary sandals made in just this way would be rather nice to have.


The Adidas Recovery Massage Pro Slides are a good fit and are comfortable to wear. Apart from the nubs which are their key feature. These dug into the sole of the foot of our tester who found them far from comfortable to wear. Still, one man’s meat is another man’s poison – I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who has found this shoe comfortable and effective.


  • Good fit
  • Springy sole


  • The nubs irritate the sole of the foot
  • Not comfortable to wear

  Score: 5/10

 Manufacturer:  Adidas

Price: £35