TomTom Multi-Sport

When I reviewed the TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport watches last year the company assured me that it would be improving and updating the devices over time. True to its word we’ve seen several firmware updates to the watches with some key new functionality added, but the launch of the MySports mobile app is undoubtedly the most important addition to the ecosystem.

Since both TomTom watches already use Bluetooth Smart technology to pair with heart rate straps and cycling sensors, pairing with an app on your phone is the natural progression.

The MySports mobile app is currently only available on iOS and requires an iPhone 4S or newer (for Bluetooth 4.0 support) running iOS 6 or higher. TomTom has stated that there will be an Android version of the app launched at a later date.

I downloaded the app at the weekend and paired both my TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport watches. Both watches required a firmware update, which added a “Phone” option to the settings. Selecting Phone will put the watch into pair mode, then you can fire up the app and search for devices. You just type in the pairing code that’s displayed on the watch and you’re done.

TomTom MySports App

Once you’ve paired you watch and entered your MySports login details you can automatically and wirelessly log all of your workouts through the app. Just like connecting your watch to your computer, the app will share your workout data with your TomTom MySports account along with any secondary accounts like MapMyFitness or RunKeeper.

You can also view your workout history through the app, which is handy considering that the TomTom watches themselves show very little data on your workouts. As well as data synchronisation, the MySports app will also keep your watch’s QuickGPSFix up to date, ensuring a lightning quick satellite lock whenever you need to go for a run.

Unfortunately the MySports app won’t allow you to share your workouts in real-time like you can with the Garmin Edge 810 and Garmin Forerunner 220. Whether TomTom will add a live tracking function remains to be seen, but it would seem like the logical next evolutionary step.

Despite the lack of real-time tracking, the MySports mobile app is a great addition to the TomTom sports-watch ecosystem and proves that the company is committed to improving its products over time.

Download the TomTom MySports app.