Archos Activity Traker

ARCHOS is set to launch a whole range of wearable and personal health technologies at the upcoming CES technology show next week.

The equipment will link into the Connected Self app and will allow up to eight different users to set goals and monitor progress. In the starting lineup are:

ARCHOS Connected Scale. Recognises 4 difference users, measures body shape based on mass and height, tracks body fat mass to help users lose weight intelligently and is equipped with onboard memory to prevent data loss between synchronisations.

ARCHOS Activity tracker. Monitors daily footsteps, calories burned and automatically displays time when synchronised with a smartphone. Recharges using USB connector and is equipped with a battery life of up to 7 days.

ARCHOS Blood Pressure Monitor. Equipped with memory for over 40 different measurements also displays heart beat information. Comes with irregular heart beat detector and can filter data by time period (morning, day, night).

We are spending some time with ARCHOS at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, and we will bring you the latest news on all these products.