Garmin tactix

When we look at kit from Garmin we tend to focus on running and cycling gear, but the company has a lot more than this in its portfolio. A new release, the Garmin tactix, proves the point.

The tactix is a hugely competent wrist worn computer suitable for the roughest, toughest outdoor activities. It can measure speed, distance, pace and calories, is compatible with Garmin’s heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor for biking. It has ANT+ and Bluetooth built in. But it is so much the all-rounder that these are almost secondary functions.

The Garmin tactix is a wrist worn GPS navigator with altimeter, barometer and compass built in. It is waterproof to 50 meters, and can keep going for a generous 50 hours off a full battery – 16 hours in full GPS mode. It’ll last for five weeks on a charge if you only use it as a watch.

It includes specialist software called Jumpmaster for use while skydiving. Even the backlight is sensitively designed – it’s green so it won’t cause problems if you are using night vision kit.

The tactix can record up to 1,000 waypoints. You can record GPS breadcrumb trails while you are on the move, navigate to coordinates using a navigation arrow and get back to your starting point easily.

Garmin seems to have thought of just about everything when building the tactix. It is compatible with the Garmin tempe temperature sensor, and you can even use it as a remote for the new Garmin VIRB camera. It is compatible with Garmin Connect and with Garmin’s BaseCamp mobile app for iPhone.

Garmin tactix costs £389.99 and is available this month.