NFL Nike Shirts

The NFL is coming to London with the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Francisco 49ers preparing to face off at Wembley stadium on Sunday. If you’re a gridiron fan living in the UK, this is one of the few opportunities that you’ll get to watch real NFL teams do battle.

To mark this event, Nike has announced a new line of sportswear, stuffed full of features to make life more bearable for the players on the field. The new Nike Elite 51 Uniform is designed to be lighter, stronger, more comfortable and more breathable – important attributes for any sportswear, but especially so in this case. As well as improving the form and fit of the new uniforms, Nike is also showcasing new designs for both teams.

Nike has also updated its Pro Combat range of base layers. With winter drawing in, we’re all going to start layering up soon enough, whether we’re running, cycling or taking out a wide receiver before he reaches the end zone.

Nike Hypercool 2.0

The new Hypercool 2.0 Compression shirts and shorts offer maximum breathability, while pulling sweat away from the skin to keep you comfortable no matter how hard you’re working. These base layers hug every contour of your body, so they’ll fit comfortably under mid or outer layers, with no bunching or chafing.

If you’re heading to the game on Sunday and want to look the part, both team jerseys are already available from the Nike store for £70 a piece. And if you’re looking to get your layering in order, the new Hypercool 2.0 short sleeve shirt will set you back £30, while the matching shorts cost £28.