Garmin Edge Touring
Garmin has announced two new Edge cycling computers – the Edge Touring and the Edge Touring Plus. These come hot on the heels of the Garmin Edge 810. Only a few days ago we published our comprehensive review of the Garmin Edge 810, and Riyad said it is “the most advanced and feature packed cycle computer available right now”. So what has Garmin done to make the new Edge Touring and Edge Touring Plus even better?

Both the new devices are similar to in car navigation computers and have GPS built in, but they add in lots of bike specific features, pre-loaded maps and points of interest. They include off road navigation as well as on road, and are able to produce round trip routes based on the distance you want to cycle. Edge Touring and Edge Touring Plus can calculate routes for tour cycling, cycling and mountain biking, having different modes for each cycling style.

Of course both devices can talk to Garmin Connect, the online portal run by Garmin that’s aimed at fitness training, for downloading and uploading routes and performance data. They can also exchange information with Basecamp which is all about planning and sharing information about trips.

Garmin says the user interface has been made easier to understand so that it is faster to get around, and the 2.6-inch touch screen responds to gloved fingers so you can use it in all weather conditions. It is water resistant and its battery is rated for 15 hours. The screen can show up to ten different metrics.

The Edge Touring Plus adds in ANT+ so that it can be used with a heart rate monitor and has a barometric altimeter built in so it can record accurate data on elevation, gradient, ascend and descent.
The Edge Touring and Touring Plus are available now and have suggested retail prices starting from £199 and £229 respectively.


We will, of course, be writing a review as soon as we can.