Swimovate PoolMateHR

Swimovate, developers of automatic lap counting watches for swimmers has launched the PoolMateHR.

Swimovate says this is the most advanced swimming computer yet.

The PoolMateHR offers swimmers comprehensive details of the effectiveness of their workout, including number of laps swum, distance, speed, efficiency index, and the number of calories burned, as well as heart rate data.

The PoolMateHR has been specially designed for swimmers so it will transmit in the pool – most heart rate monitors simply don’t work under water.


Swimmers can view heart rate during their swim and download all the information afterwards for further analysis on factors such as stroke length, cadence,  lap by lap data and of course comparisons over time. There’s a vibrating alarm that gives swimmers feedback by gently shaking the wrist after a set number of laps or time interval so you don’t even need to look at the screen to track progress.

Outside the pool the PoolMateHR can be used as a standard heart rate monitor or sports watch.

The PoolMateHR costs £160. It is available from www.swimovate.com