Rohan Swift T mainRohan’s new Women’s Swift T arrived with me about a week ago and since then it’s provided sterling service.

As I write this it’s another relatively chilly day, and it feels like there haven’t been many days this year so far when a lightweight short sleeved T has been all I’ve needed to wear up top when outdoors. But it won’t always be like that, and if you are looking for some new outdoor gear for those days when the sun is beating down, then I have to say that the Women’s Swift T might be ideal.

I’m a sucker for training gear that can double up as every day wear, and this technical T shirt really does fit that bill. It would, I think, be a great top for long walks in the countryside, a meandering cycle in a gentle breeze, or doing a bit of sweat inducing gardening.

It looks nothing like a running or workout T, and in fact is good looking enough to blend well with other casual clothing. In addition to an overall design that makes the Women’s Swift T look a far cry from standard training gear, Rohan has done its branding discretely, with just a single small reflective brand marking on the bottom right.

Rohan Swift T branding

None of which is to say this isn’t also ideal gear to wear when running, cycling hard or in the gym. The Women’s Swift T is a technical garment, with Rohan’s open Airflow knit and Dynamic Moisture Control technology. These are all about wicking moisture away from your skin towards the outer layer of the clothing. That stops you getting too sweaty and helps you feel comfortable during even tough sessions. It’s a feature that is all important in technical gear, and I found it did the job for me.

What it lacks, as far as being a T for training in, is any sort of pocket. A lot of training tops these days have a small pocket that can accommodate your keys, an iPod nano or something else small. If you are a fan of that, then you’ll miss its absence. But as it is easy to find running bottoms with pockets, you should be OK on that front.

The Women’s Swift T comes in two colours. Rohan must have heard how I feel about pink, because I was sent the blue option, It is a greenish blue with white flecks – a far cry from the flat colours that you might more usually associated with sports tops.

There’s a nice V neck rather than the more standard crew, and the seams all around are soft and unlikely to chafe.

Rohan Swift T neck

The fit is straight rather than shaped, which means there’s no pinching in at the waist – anyone with the odd bulge of (dare I say it) flab here and there might prefer this to a tighter fit. The bottom is curved rather than straight, which is a nice bit of attention to detail.

Meanwhile, on a very practical note, the loose fitting means that if you are doing gym work the shirt flows with you rather than feeling restricting. Similarly the arms, while short, are generously wide and again there’s no feeling of restriction of movement. The material is very stretchy and this also helps with that general feel of freedom of movement. And while I am on the feel of this T shirt, it is so very lightweight as to seem almost not to be there at all. It is a pleasure to wear.

I mentioned earlier that the Women’s Swift T might be good thing to wear on long walks in the countryside. With that in mind it is worth noting that it packs away to almost nothing, and in my limited experience seems to shake out creases it acquires quickly. Rohan says it doesn’t need ironing, and I believe that. It also dries quickly – Rohan says in two hours. I could see this being a very handy top to shove in the rucksack for weekend breaks to wear as an outer layer in bursts of heat, and as stand-by base layer if things get colder than you’d expected.


The Women’s Swift T is a pretty versatile T shirt which, because of its range of potential uses, is excellent value for money. You might buy it to wear in the gym or on the bike or run, but then find yourself wearing it on those warm summer days we know are just round the corner, and taking it away on holiday.


  • Generous fit
  • Thin and light to wear
  • Lightweight to pack in a bag
  • Iron free
  • Well styled
  • Quick drying


  • I’d like more colour options!

Score: 9/10

Manufacturer:  Rohan

Price: £35.00