There is less than a week left until the London Marathon and FitTechica wants to give everyone who is taking part a big high five.

If you are a first timer and a little nervous you might be particularly interested in Kinomap Trainer. It is an iOS app that lets you virtually run parts of the real route via pre-recorded video footage. There is an hour of footage from the London marathon.

You can use Kinomap Trainer at home or in the gym against pre-recorded, GPS-located outdoor routes. Kinomap’s video sharing platform has contributors from 30 countries and around 10,000 videos covering around 25,000 kilometres of track.  It supports sensors that measure speed & stride and an ANT+ receiver. So you can sync video footage to your own workout and measure how well you are doing.

Through wireless data transfer, the smartphone or tablet receives the rhythm, speed and stride power being applied and compares it to the video, with a map displaying a moving icon that shows the user’s position in either a terrain or satellite view. The range of panel displays within the app allows the user to both follow their progress on a map and watch the scenery go by as they practice on the route.

For those running the Marathon with others, the option of a multiplayer mode allows users to run with up to four friends, each with their own avatar on the map and voice chat so they can motivate each other and train together wherever they are.

Available now from Apple’s app store, Kinomap Trainer is available on subscription, costing £7.99 a month or £49.99 per year.

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