Asics helps you better your bestFor some people, just completing a fitness challenge is enough. For others there’s the push to get better and better, and reach their maximum potential. If you are in the latter camp, then it is likely that inspiration is one of your drivers.

Maybe that’s about raising money for charity, maybe it is about trying to beat your training partners or fellow club members or friends. Maybe it is about beating yourself.

Asics has a campaign that’s designed to help, by offering inspiration to those who want to improve.

The campaign, called ‘Journey of Improvement’ is centered on inspiring sportspeople to ‘better their best’ and achieve their goals.

You don’t have to be an elite to take advantage of the campaign. The inspiration can be used by anyone, and Asics has released a series of short films you can view when you need that little extra inspirational push.

Take a look at……..

Olympic triathlete Helen Jenkins

Vinny O’Neil who runs marathons in a life-sized rhino costume on behalf of Save the Rhino charity

Christian Schiester who changed from being a heavy smoker and drinker into a runner and now runs, and runs and runs

Tennis player Gael Monfils (this one’s in French)