The new Reebok Fitness app is designed to inject variety into your workout program by creating new and varied workouts using a combination of popular disciplines – walking, running, dance, yoga and training.

You just select the length of the program you require followed by the percentage of time you would like to focus on each activity and the Reebok Fitness app will generate a workout routine based on your individual preferences.

Consisting of a variety of different workouts to complete each week, the program can be personalised further by allocating certain workouts to specific days of the week to ensure you never miss a workout.

The fitness programming for the app was developed in conjunction with a team of fitness experts from around the world, all of whom are experts in their field and understand the importance of having a varied workout with more than one activity.

They include:

Yoga – Tara Stiles, owner of Strala Yoga and author of Yoga Cures, has created video workouts and sequences that will help you find easy ways to tackle and master hard poses

Dance – International dance instructors Jessica Exposito (Spain), Esther Frangenberg (Germany), Ilyse Baker (US), Vanessa Vassallo (France) have developed up-beat and challenging Dance sequences for both beginners and advanced students

Walking – Author and celebrity Master Trainer, Amy Dixon has developed walking workouts that will get your heart pumping and make you think differently about walking

Running – Pete Rea, head coach of ZAP Fitness, the renowned training center for post-collegiate Olympic hopeful runners, will have you trying long runs, tempo runs, hill repeats and interval runs

Training – Fitness professional and personal trainer Michael D’Angelo takes you through fitness movements that people of all abilities can master.

The Reebok Fitness App is available to download from iTunes, Google Play or to use online at and is free for everyone. A video about the app is available at