If you run with earphones you’ll recognise the problem of tangled wires. Drop a headset in your bag or pocket on the way to the gym and as if by magic the wires seem to tangle themselves up. Every time.

This problem may be at an end with these rather clever zip-up earphones.

The Zip Earphones from thumbsUp! do exactly what you’d expect. They zip.

You can tailor the length of the headphone cable to suit and can completely zip the left and right headphones together into a single cable for easy and convenient storage.

The Zip Earphones come in three on trend colours; bright orange, neon pink and classic black.

They’re available this month  RRP of £12.99 www.menkind.co.uk and http://www.iwantoneofthose.com.

If we can get hold of a copy to test we’ll let you know what we think.