Garmin has announced its Forerunner 10, it cheapeast running watch yet.

The Forerunner 10 covers the essentials: how far and how fast, while also identifying personal records achieved along the way. It is designed to help newcomers to running with a range of features.

Ready. Press. Go: Push one button and just run – the Forerunner 10 is the must have entry-level watch for tracking a runner’s progress and goals. It will tell runners how far and how fast they run, as well as how many calories they burn. It even records where they run so they can review and relive later.

Motivating. Educating: Forerunner 10 is designed to educate those runners just starting out and motivate even the most reluctant runner:

Personal Records: When they’ve run further or faster than ever before, Forerunner 10 will congratulate runners automatically at the end of their run.

Virtual Pacer™: Not sure about pacing? Forerunner 10’s new Virtual Pacer™ will give runners real time feedback on whether they are running faster or slower than their target pace.

Run / Walk: Just starting out or following a plan that mixes running and walking? Forerunner 10 has a run / walk feature that will guide runners through their run with simple, customizable alerts.

As soon as they finish a run, runners will see a summary of how they did, including total time, distance, average pace and calories, as well as any personal records they’ve achieved. Forerunner 10 then stores and displays a runner’s seven previous runs so they can keep a weekly check on how they’ve done.

And, when back indoors, runners can upload their runs to Garmin Connect, where they can record and share their progress as part of Garmin’s global online fitness community. Newly updated, giving users their own shareable profile, Garmin Connect displays details of all runs and personal records, and helps them review, replay and relive them all on a variety of interactive charts, illustrations, reports and maps.

Outdoor Proofed and Accurate: Water-resistant (50m) and lighter than any other Garmin running watch, the Forerunner 10 is armed with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that quickly acquires and sustains satellite reception in challenging conditions.

Stylish and Comfortable: Forerunner 10 is available in three striking color combinations – sporty green, pink, and a slightly larger black model with red accents. Lasting up to 5 hours in training mode and up to five weeks in power-save mode the Forerunner 10 can be worn as a day-to-day watch, so is always ready to hit the road, track or trail.

Forerunner 10 will be available in shops in September and has a suggested retail price of £99/€129.