Suunto has launched the AMBIT, a watch with GPS, altimeter, 3D compass and heart rate monitor built in. It also includes features like temperature and track logging, a 3D compass and barometric sensor.

Suunto says the AMBIT is good for hikers, trail runners, mountain climbers and backcountry skiers. The GPS can be used to mark waypoints for navigation and it will display coordinates using a range of different systems.

The Suunto AMBIT includes features for people wanting to use it for fitness including a recovery time calculator that will work out when you are fully recovered from a training session. It is fully compliant with Suunto’s online service and can download software updates from there.

With a battery raged for up to 50 hours in GPS mode and water resistant to 100m the AMBIT should be able to survive in pretty rugged conditions and for extended periods away from mains power.

The AMBIT will be available in March.