The Adidas miCoach tracking sensor has lots of fans, and recently Adidas has started to take the concept beyond training for running and into areas far more complex. The first fruit of this expansion is the Adidas F50 adiZero miCoach football boot.

The boot became available this month. What’s amazing about it is that the boot incorporate a miCoach sensor that’s capable of capturing 360 degrees of movement. It can measure specific metrics like speed, average speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, distance covered, and distance at high intensity levels as well as steps and strides. The kinds of movement, in fact, that a footballer does during a game.

Adidas says the boot is as suitable for players at all levels.

It certainly looks like a really exciting product as for the first time footballers will be able to capture and analyse all kinds of statistical data about their physical work on the pitch. They’ll be able to monitor their own progress and compare themselves with teammates and others using the miCoach web site.

The adiZero F50 boot is available online both with and without the miCoach bundle. The bundle includes a pair of adiZero F50 boots, a speed sensor and a smart device dongle, miCoach CONNECT, for iPod and iPhone as well as the miCoach CONNECT for PC / MAC. We’ve seen it online for around £200.