Garmin has had a busy week. Yesterday the company announced its iPhone and Android app Garmin Fit and an ANT+ adaptor for the iPhone. Today it has announced the FR70, a new fitness watch.

One of the plus points of the FR70 is that it can be worn every day as your general watch, kicking in to fitness mode when you need it to. The FR70 can track heart rate, time and calories burned. If you pair it with an optional foot pod it will track pace and speed. It can also be paired with an optional bike speed and cadence sensor. It is bundled with a heart rate monitor.

You can even pair the FR70 with the Tanita BC-1000 body-composition scales and it can then track weight, body fat, body water and other measurements. All the data the watch collects can be sent to Garmin Connect on the web, where it can be stored and analysed in the long term.

Garmin has decided to produce versions of the FR70 designated as for men and women. From the images above you can probably tell which they are suggesting is which. Come on, Garmin, let’s get away from the ‘pink is for women’ thing, please.

The FR70 will be available in November and is expected to cost £129.