Jabra has announced two additions to its sports headphones portfolio. The most interesting is the new Jabra SPORT, a Bluetooth wireless headset.

The Jabra SPORT includes an FM radio and has bass boost to help give you that little bit of extra oomph while running.

The headset features a wind shielded microphone helping make it easier to take and make calls while working out. It meets US Military Standard rain, dust and shock resistance standards.

The Jabra SPORT comes with a free download of Endomondo Sport Tracker, a running application for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones which has been enhanced with some Jabra SPORT specific features that include getting updates on speed, distance and lap times by tapping the headset.

Jabra has also announced the SPORT-CORDED, a wired alternative to the SPORT but sharing many of its features.

Both new headsets will be available in October. The Jabra SPORT will cost £99, the Jabra SPORT-CORDED £59.99.